Lapointe et Fils: the beginning

In 1923, François Lapointe, using a horse-drawn wooden borer, drills for the first time in the Eastern Townships. It’s the beginning of F. Lapointe et Fils.

A few years later, his son, Conrad joins the ranks and, thanks to his management skills, the company prospers. From 1936 to 1972, François and Conrad perform more than 5000 drilling projects in the Eastern Townships.

Wind at their backs

In 1972, Conrad’s sons, André and Gilles Lapointe, keep up the momentum by contributing their knowledge and expertise to F. Lapointe et Fils.

Six years later, Les Pompes Lapointe et Frères, a company that offers clients complete solutions, from water extraction to drinking, is created.

New ventures

Gilles and André Lapointe are not done yet! In 1987, along with other associates, they create a new company that specializes in commercial and industrial drilling. Thanks to its precision expertise, large fleet of equipment and unparalleled response time, Forage FTE becomes the drilling reference in Canada, Africa and South America.

In 1992, for strategic reasons, Gilles and André Lapointe regroup Les Pompes Lapointe et Frères and F. Lapointe et Fils under a single banner. F. Lapointe et Fils now offers residential drilling throughout Quebec.

Constantly evolving

Proud of its roots, F. Lapointe et Fils offers four generations of residential drilling expertise.

Our company continues to innovate and by surrounding itself with experts, stays up-to-date with the latest developments in the drilling world.

This family company is dedicated to respecting the quality and integrity standards on which it has built its reputation for nearly 100 years.