Why choose an artesian well?

An artesian well is the best way to access drinking water when an aqueduct is not available. As opposed to a surface well, an artesian well always provides quality drinking water.

Advantages of an artesian well

  • Quality drinking water year-round
  • Very low contamination risk
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Excellent yield
  • No municipal water tax
  • Property value increase

Count on F. Lapointe et Fils to complete your project in accordance with the current technical and environmental standards.

Ask our experts!


Thanks to hydrofracturing, it is possible to increase your artesian well’s water flow. Speak to our experts to solve your water flow and water pressure problems.

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Water flow test

You suspect you may have a problem with water flow or low water pressure? Ask us about carrying out a water flow test to evaluate your artesian well yield.

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Artesian well inspections

It is essential to inspect your artesian well to discover the source of abnormally important levels of bacteria, sand, particles or minerals in the water. Count on our experts to locate and correct the problem at the source!

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Artesian well maintenance

It is recommended that annual artesian well maintenance be done in the fall or in the spring. Consult the Disinfection Guide or contact one of our artesian well maintenance technicians to confirm the quality of your water.

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