Evaluate your needs

One of our specialists will meet you at the site of your future geothermal drilling project to evaluate your needs.

Geothermal drilling

The geothermal drilling project begins! Once your heat pump distributor has evaluated what is needed, our geothermal experts will begin drilling the necessary holes.

Installing piping in the ground

The pipes circulate the heat-carrying liquid in the ground.

  • Polyethylene CSA pipes are used for extensive durability
  • Fusing, filling and testing pipes in our workshop to ensure water tightness
  • Careful installation at the geothermal drilling site

Filling in the geothermal drilling site

It is now time to fill in the space around the pipes (annular space) with filling material.

Directing piping to your home

The work is nearly complete!

  • Piping from each hole is extended to your home
  • Pressure tests ensure that the system is watertight

This is where our job ends. Your heat pump distributor takes over to connect the pump to the piping.

And there you go! You can now enjoy the many benefits of heating and cooling using geothermal energy.