Opting for a geothermal system means you are choosing a reliable and durable heating and cooling system. Whether you are looking to make your home more comfortable or to increase your property value with an environmental solution, geothermal systems offer many advantages.

No more temperature fluctuations

  1. Stable heating and cooling system
  2. Easy to control and adjust
  3. Guaranteed year-round comfort
  4. Discreet vertical heating and cooling systems

An economical choice

  • 2 in 1 heating and cooling system
  • Reduce winter heating costs
    • 65–70% reduction compared to electric heating
    • 35–70% reduction compared to combustible heating (oil, propane, natural gas)
  • Long term investment for your home
  • Geothermal energy subsidies may be available (visit Hydro Québec’ website)

Finally, an ecoresponsible solution

  • Natural, clean and renewable energy
  • Green house gas reductions of 2.5–5 tonnes per year per home
  • No need for a chimney and combustible storage tank
  • No sound pollution (discreet and quiet system)

Geothermal: a winning choice!