When to ask for an artesian well inspection?

An artesian well inspection should occur when purchasing or selling a home, or when you notice a change in water quality. Inexpensive, an artesian well inspection detects water issues at the source. At F. Lapointe et Fils, we offer an adapted and detailed service for real estate agents, buyers and sellers.

Camera well inspections are recommended in the presence of:

  • Bacteria
  • Yellow water
  • Abnormally high sand and metal concentrations

Pre-purchase home inspection technical expertise

Our well inspection and water analysis technicians will gladly go on-site to answer any questions you have prior to buying or selling a home.

We offer our services to:

  • Real estate brokers
  • Home inspectors
  • Future homeowners
  • Owners looking to sell

Call F. Lapointe et Fils to learn the state of your artesian or surface well, and to identify any water flow problems or drinking water issues.