Residential drilling in the Eastern Townships

The F. Lapointe et Fils’ headquarters are in Sherbrooke. This enables our team of specialists to serve the entire Eastern Townships. Our in-depth knowledge of the area, and the particularities of its soil, makes us your residential drilling and geothermal project experts.

Residential drilling in Québec City

Located on Québec’s south shore, the F. Lapointe Québec subsidiary provides residential drilling projects in Québec City and the surrounding areas. Our experts are available for all your drinking water supply and residential heating projects.

Residential drilling in Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean

In Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean, the Puisatier Régional subsidiary is recognized for it residential drilling expertise. Trust our drilling, geothermal and pump system experts for your residential needs.

Residential drilling in Beauce

In Saint-Georges de Beauce, it is Les Puits Adrien Gaudreau 2000 that is responsible for all artesian well and geothermal drilling. Our experts are happy to serve you and accompany you throughout your project.

Forage commercial et industriel

Our specialized drilling expertise goes beyond residential drilling. Our subsidiaries, Forage FTE and Brewster Well Drilling operate internationally: mining drilling, water drilling, geothermal drilling, pile drilling, directional drilling and sonic drilling.