F. Lapointe et Fils unveils its new website

Lapointe et Fils is proud to show off its brand-new website. With its modern and clean design, our website is a true reflection of our clientele: families and homeowners across Quebec.

A modern and adaptable design

Our primary challenge was to offer a new website that would be visually attractive and simple to navigate on all devices (computers, tablets and mobile phones). To do so, we opted for a friendly design, eye-catching pages with less content; our way of making residential drilling and our other services accessible to everyone.

All new web content

Always with clients in mind, our content has been revamped and optimized. We wanted a simple formula that is easy to understand. We have answered all – or almost all of your questions regarding residential drilling, artesian wells, water treatment and analysis, geothermal and maintenance products.

We invite you to browse our website and follow us on Facebook. Our experts are available to answer your questions and to give you advice. F. Lapointe et Fils cares about your family’s wellbeing!